Provider Profile



Provider Profile includes an executive dashboard to view high-level provder, clinic, division, locations or network performance.  Drill down to individual or facility profiles to find the root cause of poor performance or high spend.


Patient Lookup



Our mission is to deliver a complete health history with actionable data to the point of care in the provider's electronic health records system.  Risk stratification, financial benchmark, cost and utilization, care gaps, out-of-network in one quick view.  Sharing employer claims data at the point of care will give providers a 360° view of each person's health history.

Digital Health



Patient Lookup takes the data from the patient’s home devices and feeds them to the provider’s electronic health records (EHR) system at the point of care.  Data points include daily recordings, trends, social determinants of health, poor results.  When RPM is planned with an experienced vendor, a new and repeatable revenue stream can be developed.

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